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February 16, 2020

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Top Causes of Flight Anxiety

Research indicates that the fear of not being in control is the leading cause of different anxiety disorders. Even the people who fear to fly, you will find that the leading cause of the anxiety is not the flight itself. Various passengers assume that they will have to deal with the fear of planes and use different substances such as sleeping pills, instead of treating the source of their anxiety. However, there is hope for such people through the identification of the origin of anxiety, which can help them face their fears and enjoy flying. Find out why many people are afraid to fly in this article.

One can get flight anxiety from turbulence. If one had an experience of a turbulent flight, the subconscious mind could cause them to feel afraid whenever they fly. One may also get anxious if they ever got sick or emotionally upset on the flight. Your subconscious mind will still be remembering what it was like to have about flight experience even though you are perfectly healthy now.

Another cause of flight anxiety is underlying claustrophobia. You might be dealing with claustrophobia if you haven’t been on a plane yet, but you are experiencing flight anxiety just from thinking about it. Someone with claustrophobia experiences intense fear of tight spaces or huge crowds. Click this link to discover further symptoms and remedies of claustrophobia.

You might be experiencing flight anxiety due to hearing tragic news and stories about flying. You might be afraid of experiencing tragic events during your flight, such as aircraft crashes that you have heard of before. You can try journaling before your flight to help you overcome the fear associated with the images you see in the media or imagining your mind.

You might be experiencing flight anxiety because of bottled up emotions. If you’ve heard of a plane crash recently that has caused you to worry, you should not try to fight the feelings. Instead, write down everything that you will say about the crash, and this will be a therapeutic way to express your thoughts and emotions rather than having them bottled up. If you need to do this more than once, go ahead and do it until you feel that the burden has lifted. Ensure that you always find an outlet for negative thoughts to keep yourself anxiety-free.

You might be scaring yourself physically, which can cause flight anxiety. Motion causes emotion, and the way you move your body sends signals to your brain, which lets you know how you feel about a situation. If you start tensing your facial muscles or gripping your seat, your brain will sense that something is wrong, which will trigger anxiety. You need to try and relax and psyche yourself up to enjoy your flight.

You need to keep off self-medicating because this increases anxiety. Instead of using substances to mask your anxiety, get help so that you deal with it and avoid adding further problems to your body.