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February 27, 2020

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Women Empowerment Ways that Can Change the World
Half of the world population is composed of women meaning that empowering women ideally works on empowering half of the world. Higher female earning tend to overall economic growth right from the family level to the growth of the entire nation. Women tend to significantly contribute to the economy whether in entrepreneurial work, in business or any other form of economics. Some women, however, tend to contribute to the economy by doing unpaid labor. Women in parts of developed countries tend to play a major role in decision making and influencing. However, gender discrimination remains high in most parts of the world. Most of the discriminated women tend to highly suffer discrimination, poverty as well as many other forms of vulnerable exploitation.
Any developing or developed nation would agree that it is not possible to realize sustainable economic growth without involving women in the entire process. Gender inclusion in various aspects of the economy tends to be a critical aspect of economic growth as well as social progress. Empowering women tend to enable them to play critical roles in health, education, wellness among other aspects something that increase gender equality and holistic development. As the issue of women, empowerment tends to gain momentum across the world and as incredible measures continue to be taken with the intention of reducing the gender gap as well as promoting economic equality, one would need to know some of the ways that may help make the process of women empowerment even faster.
One of the ways women can be empowered is by having them as leaders as well as having them in decision making positions. Women remain great contributors to the economy in most developed countries even while gender equality remains a myth in most parts of the world. Women in the modern world are actively participating in natural resource management, food production, the tech industry, domestic wellness, entrepreneurial work, and climate change and energy industry. However, there are so many women who do not have access to job opportunities and also tend to lack resources towards better-paid jobs. Having women in leadership and decision making would create a perfect opportunity for women to participate in creating structures that help in achieving women empowerment.
Women tend to have unequal job opportunities something that would need to be reversed. Public policies advocating for equal employment opportunities would be necessary for employment. Equal chances would give women a milestone across the world and also enhance growth and development. Training of women and investing in women’s entrepreneurial ideas would also reduce the existing gender gap. The unequal pay gap can also be ruled out something that would lead to increased participation of women in various supply chains. There is also a need to take action against unpaid labor work. Some women tend to remain domestic work which in most cases tends to go unpaid. Appreciating the fact that domestic work is work and protecting women from social abuse, and violence would help women utilize their potential. Women would also need mentoring both personally and professionally towards empowering their knowledge capacity.

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